the scam hound


Welcome to ScamPup. ScamPup is your local South African resource to learn about online scams and get assistance if you have been scammed. Our target audience is the general South African internet user facing fraud on the internet.

This website is still under construction and expanding as to serve the public better.

What type of scams do you deal with?

Essentially ScamPup deals with Advance Fee Fraud family of scams in South Africa. We also gladly accept reports on Romance Scammers as these are closely linked to advance fee fraud. While our target audience is South Africans, we will also accept information from international parties pertaining to South African based scammers.

If the issue you are facing is fraud, not necessarily Advance Fee Fraud related, but cyber crime, we will also attempt to assist or put you in contact with a party that can assist you.

Who we are

ScamPup is a website run by ordinary people like you, but with experience in the advance fee fraud arena (fake lotto winnings, inheritance scams, non-delivery scams etc). Further, through the years, we have built up contacts in the internet anti-fraud community allowing us to understand how scammers operate and giving us the ability to disrupt these scams, channel information to the appropriate parties at the South African Police Services for investigation and at the relevant parties at online providers for removal. All this is done in the hope that some of the public will be spared from the devastating realization of being scammed.

Can you recover my money?

No, ScamPup cannot assist you recovering any monies you may have lost to fraud. Recovering such monies would require access to South African Police Services (SAPS) resources. While we may work closely with SAPS, we are not SAPS. We also have no legal brief to undertake such an exercise. In most of the instances related to the fraud we deal with, the scammer is a fictitious entity. This is not a civil matter, rather a criminal one.

As a cautionary note, the golden rule of losing money on the net is; “When it’s gone, it’s gone forever!”. Anybody promising to recover your money is probably trying to defraud you in a follow-up scam.

Do you charge for your services?

ScamPup will never charge for it’s services. ScamPup is run by private individuals for the benefit of the South African community on a pro-bono basis.

I’ve been scammed?

We are extremely sorry to hear that you have been defrauded. Please read our section I’ve been scammed on how to proceed immediately.

I spotted a scam

Report it to us by all means. We will research any information you provide. Please visit our section on reporting scams. However if you have been scammed and lost money, rather report it following the steps highlighted at I’ve been scammed. It is important that we learn about it.

Will my private information be safe with you?

Yes. More than the usual efforts are made to protect your privacy. Please read our privacy policy. We do not share your details with marketeers or any party other than as indicated in our privacy policy