Privacy Policy


A user browses this website anonymously and no personally identifiable data is kept. Generic server log files are retained for security purposes indicating which URLs were visited, visiting IP addresses and like, but these do not identify you personally.

Personal Information you submit to us

Any information you submit to us, is transmitted securely to a remote and secure location and not stored permanently on this server.

Your personal information will never be sold, used for any form of marketing or in any way other than indicated.

Your information may be shared with the South African Police Service where we have reason to believe that a crime has been committed.

Should a South African bank account be involved, full information regarding the incident may be shared with SABRIC and/or potentially the relevant South African Banks.

Anonymized Information Sharing

Information you submit may be used to alert service providers to criminal abuse of their services.

Information regarding the incident may also be shared with various other anti-fraud and anti-money laundering groups in their efforts to fight crime.

However your personal information will not be disclosed under these circumstances.

Any information collected by us may be used to legally protect ourselves from malicious activities and in the enforcement of our rights, also to comply with local South African law.