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International Relations

Thus far ScamPup is a South African website aimed at assisting the South African Internet user. Our focus is fighting local classifieds scams, advance fee fraud and generally assisting South Africans with issues pertaining to Internet fraud.

South African Scammers Internationally

On an international level the Internet has numerous North American and European etc websites aimed at assisting users from those areas. However from time to time international users may end up in the sights of a South African scammer. We like to keep a clean house (or at least as far as possible) and hear about them. If you have information on such scammers, please feel free to email us with all the pertinent details at:

intl_za_scampup_info.Any information you share with us will be treated with the strictest confidence and your personal information will only be shared with the local legal authorities, namely the South African Police Services. Any such info you provide us does not substitute for pressing charges. If you have been defrauded, report it to your local legal authorities and request them to escalate it via the appropriate international channels.



We do not wish to receive your marketing message. This is a consumer assistance program, not a spam magnet. If you are a spammer, forget it. As per our newest laws. spamming is illegal. We have a strict anti-spam policy escalating spam to these pages internationally. We have a history of terminating spam resources. Our friend Jack Russell loves spam just about as much as he loves scams.Jack hates spam (If you spam us, we reserve the right to publish your details on a role of shame.)