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A most despicable scam

2014-10-21 Jack Uncategorized

Shepherd’s Keep is a home for abandoned babies, HIV positive or not, from birth to six months old. The Home is situated in the heart of the Bluff, south of Durban in the province of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Feel free to view the below video.

Yet fraudsters saw fit to impersonate Shepherd’s Keep, not only stealing food from the mouths of babies, but from abandoned babies, some HIV/AIDS positive, some dying

Upon seeing a scam like this, there are simply no words to describe how disappointed we are at what we classify as human. Issues like these simply defies belief.

Caveat: Sherperd’s Keep has chosen to update their website. For illustrative purposes we are using a snapshot of the legitimate website from


Let us look at this scam: (Website disabled by Google)

Snapshot of the fake Sheperd's Keep


On this scam website we clearly see content and images stolen from the original below.

Orginal Sheperd's Keep website

Orginal Sheperd’s Keep website

In comparing, note how the fraudsters deliberately cut off the Sheperd’s Keep name above the door in the background:

Board above door at Sheperd's Keep

Board above door at Sheperd’s Keep

More to the point, we see stolen images of Colin and Cheryl Pratley, people who have devoted their life to looking out for others and taking care of those that cannot fend for themselves, new born babies. This has been a 24 x 7 x 365 task and must take extreme passion and devotion. Ask any mother of a new born baby. Yet what thanks have they’ve gotten? Surely they deserve better.

If there is any doubt as to which website is legitimate, simply use a search engine. Search for Reg. no. 2001/001302/08 as appearing at

In case this fraud still is not clear, look at the plaque on the wall to the left of Mr & Mrs Pratley (or whatever the scammers want to call themselves in their evil twisted version of the truth being hosted on Google):

Plaque showing name and ownership

Plaque showing name and ownership

It says:


Any questions? But let’s dig a bit deeper.

+27 76 490 9044

+27 76 490 9044

The published telephone number is also a South African number, a mobile number, that can be written as 076 4909044. A quick search on Google shows a hit on JunkMail:

076 4909044 on Junkmail

076 4909044 on Junkmail

Going to this classified ad, we find the content has expired, but still partially visible:

JunkMail classifieds

JunkMail classifieds

The wording in this advert is all too familiar, a classic pet scam.

A victim once asked me what type of people commit pets scams after she herself was defrauded. Here is her answer.


ScamPup wishes to thank the Pratley family and Sheperd’s Keep for their selfless devotion and open hearts. It has been an honor and privilege getting to know you virtually while researching this issue, however negative the start of my research has been.

Read more about Shepherd’s Keep:
The old Sheperd’s Keep website (the partially plagiarized) is in the process of being upgraded and will be back soon: